Weight Vests and Shorts plus 7 FREE BONUSES!- Discover why the Strength Systems® Weighted Vests are the world's most popular weighted vest and weighted shorts.  Weight Vests and Shorts workouts will increase vertical jump and decrease time in the 40 yd dash!  Plus this Bonus Package gives youFREE SHIPPING and 7 FREE GIFTS worth $135.00, while this offer lasts!

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Weight Vests and Shorts To Jump Higher, Run Faster, Increase Your Vertical Leap, Quickness and More!

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From the desk of Eric Moyer

Dear Athlete, Parent or Coach:

You want Weight Vests and Weighted Shorts to jump higher, increase your vertical leap, run faster and increase quickness.

Congratulations on finding the Athlete's and Coach's #1 Site on the Web for Strength Systems® Weight Vests and Weighted Shorts, where we promise you the  Fastest Order Processing, Excellent Customer Service, Free Insured UPS Shipping (continental USA) straight from the factory to you,NO SALES TAX (we pay it), 2 day upgraded shipping for $20.00 extra, plus 7 FREE BONUSES worth $135.00 as our "thank you BONUS PACKAGE" for making us the Worlds #1 Weight Vests and Shorts Direct Seller.

We've made our site as simple as possible with all of the information on one page so you simply scroll down to read about the Strength®Weight Vests and Weighted Shorts features, FAQs,  Testimonials,  our $15 Two Day shipping upgrade option, Team and Multiple Discounts and your 7 FREE BONUSES worth $135.00 included with your order.

Our Promise: You Get Fast Order Processing and Shipping as Well as a Good Deal!

Because we've been helping athletes achieve their dreams for the last 15 years, we realize how important your dreams are to you, that's why we have a full time order processing staff to serve you and process your weight vest or weighted shorts order.

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A Little Competitive Edge Makes All the Difference!

You can get the competitive edge with Weight Vests and Weighted Shorts.  Your burning desire to improve is natural and  is similar to all time great  NBA, NFL,  and Pro Baseball players like Barry Bonds, Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, and Michael Jordan who all trained to jump higher and run faster to get the edge on their competition.

You can learn to jump higher, run faster, increase quickness and slam dunk, spike the ball, score touchdowns and much more with the Weight Vests and Weighted Shorts workout that  will increase your vertical leap, jumping, quickness and run faster  for all sports, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Baseball, Gymnastics etc.

You Don't Have to be an Athlete To Benefit

Just walking and doing everyday activities in the weighted vest or shorts provides an increased calorie burn for weight control and heart health. The high degree of comfort make them perfect for low intensity exercise such as walking.

And you'll look very cool with these good looking Weight Vests and Shorts on your body and you'll feel even better with the results you get because these are the absolute newest model Weight Vests and Shorts shipped direct from the manufacturer.  These are not the old Strength Weight Vests or Shorts   models that some stores or sites sell. Plus you are saving on tax and shipping.

Great for Athletes in All Sports, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Track, Baseball, Gymnastics etc...

Studies have proven that weight vested athletes have outperformed non-vested athletes by over 150% in the standing jump and 32% better in the running jump after just 6 weeks of training.

Weight vests produce an increase in vertical leap and hang time and help increase explosiveness, breakaway speed and the "all important" first step quickness to blow away your opponents!  You can train with the weight vest and shorts plus Strength Shoes to see faster and greater results.

Weight Vests and Weighted Shorts can be worn all day and during exercise to increase speed, jumping ability, and power output.  Wearing the weight vest all day stimulates hyper compensation and increases power in the legs, lower body as well as core strength. Core strength is a key to improving athletic performance.

Click Here Now to Order Weight Vests $149.95, Shorts $119.95 or Both $249.90 (Save $20 with Both) and get FREE SHIPPING and 7 FREE BONUSES. You may also mail a money order. We have all sizes and extra weights available   Make sure to include size request and daytime phone number with order.

There is a difference between  original Strength Systems® Weighted Vests and Shorts and copy cats. You want to put the best piece of equipment on your body for safety,  performance, as well as durability and value. So order now and make sure you are getting the newest and best Weight Vests or Shorts before they are sold out! You will  get the best new Weight Vests and Shorts, and get good fast customer service, FREE SHIPPING, and 7 Free Bonuses worth an additional $135.00.  Isn't that a good deal?

Weight Vests Frequently Asked Questions

How do they work? Strength Systems, Inc. weight vests or shorts are worn like clothing with an easy on/off heavy duty nylon zipper and a perforated construction that gives you superior breathabilty and comfort. Just put them on and start exercising!

What are they made of? With the Weight Vests and Shorts you get the fit, support and breathability of Perforated Neoprene® Panels covered with Nylon Spandex Stretch material that is perforated for breathability and prevention of heat build up. This allows for longer exercise periods without discomfort as well as allowing more intense shorter workouts.

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Competitive Benefit Weight Vests and suits have been around for many years but typical weighted vests are unbalanced, uncomfortable and hot.  That's because the individual weights that make up the vest are comparatively  too large and bulky which causes them to be highly un-balanced and slide around the body during explosive rotary or bounce around during jumping or running (even fast walking) movements typical of athletic training, which can hurt and be uncomfortable and chafe!

You get better balance and less bounce and chaffing with our Weight Vests and Shorts because they are designed with many smaller slim weights that are evenly distributed (see the photo) making them much more comfortable whatever your sport, activity, or exercise program. Balance and comfort are important not only for intense sports training but for using a weight vest for a low intensity exercise like walking.

You also get a better fitting, more comfortable Weight Vest and Shorts because of our unique design, construction and quality materials. get a weight vest that  That's because typical weight vests, shorts or weighted belts suffer from poor weight placement and weights that are too large. We give you many smaller evenly distributed weights for less bulk and greater balance. Weights not secured through the thorax region and not securely within their specific sites worsen the problem. The primary reason for unsecured weight sites was the nylon fabric with velcro folds.

Safer, More Comfortable, Cooler, Better Looking

Ventilation for the most part was non-existent with the typical nylon vest. This posed enormous problems for endurance applications and is just plain uncomfortable for others. Athletes quickly overheated before they got their workouts done. The purpose of the weight vests and shorts is to increase strength, quickness and jumping, not sweat!

Weight Vests can benefit athletes who want to excel in any sport ­ basketball, football, volleyball, soccer, track,  baseball, gymnastics, etc. 

All Sizes In Stock Now  We have your sizeWeight Vests®  in stock now! Available in chest sizes from 28-51. Weighted Shorts are available in waist sizes 25-48.  Additional weights are also available in 5 lbs. increments for $14.95.

Weight Vest Sizes  Order by chest size from the size chart below with sizes ranging from 28-51. Vests come with 10 lbs. of weights. Additional 5 lbs. weights are available for $14.95. Vests hold a maximum of 30 lbs except for the small vest which holds 25 lbs.

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Chest Measurement
X Small 28-31
Small 31-34
Medium 34-37
Large 36-42
X Large 42-47
XX Large 47-51

Weighted Shorts Sizes  are available in waist sizes ranging from 25-48 inches. 5 lbs. of weights are included with the Shorts and they have a maximum capacity of 10 lbs.  An additional 5 lbs. weight set is available for $14.95. The shorts can hold an extra 5 lbs. in addition to the 5 lbs. it come with, for a grand total of 10 lbs.

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Waist Measurement
Small 25-28
Medium 28-32
Large 32-37
X Large 35-39
XX Large 39-43
XXX Large 43-48

Order Both and Save! You may order the Weight Vest and Weighted Shorts together at once and save $20.00 off of what you would normally pay if ordered separately.  Normally $269.90 Save $20.00 = Your Price $249.90.

Manual  Each Weight Vests or Shorts  comes with our Recommended Training Movements Workout Program.

Guaranteed -90 Day warranty and 30 day money back guarantee. These are top quality products and come with a complete satisfaction guarantee as well as a warranty for quality and workmanship.

Free Shipping via UPS ground to continental USA only. Residents of Alaska and Hawaii must select 2 day air shipping for $20.00.  Others may also upgrade to 2 day shipping for only $20.00 as well.    We have a full time customer service staff and Weight Vests or Weighted Shorts are usually shipped out the same day or within 24 hours.  Email us with any questions you may have. Support@JumpingAdvantage.com

Payment- Click Here Now to Order

Click Here Now to Order Weight Vests $149.95 Weighted Shorts $119.95 or Both $249.90 (Save $20.00) $124.95 and get FREE SHIPPING and 7 FREE BONUSES. You may also mail a money order.   Make sure to include size request and daytime phone number with order.

    Money Orders Also Welcome $124.95 through the mail payable to:
    Coaches Sports Publishing
    3419 Via Lido Suite 411
    Newport Beach, CA 92663

When you Order Weight Vests Shorts or Both  By Midnight Tonight You’ll Also Get 4 Bonus eBooks Worth $50.00

When you invest in  Weight Vests  right now, not only do you get FREE SHIPPING, but you'll also get 4 bonus eBooks that will help you Jump Higher, Play Stronger, have a Better All Around Game, and have more Fun!  They all work together to eliminate weaknesses, build your strengths, and make you un-stoppable! Plus you have the security of knowing that if you ever need it, you can have your own personal coach as close as a phone call away. 

strength shoes-Strength Book

Bonus #1: Physically Dominate the Field, Court and any Opponent with...

"Build A Better Body"

(Valued at $21.95)

In the first bonus eBook, “Build A Better Body – Strength and Power Training Programs for Basketball Players,” you’ll learn techniques that not only will increase your vertical jump and get you slamming higher and faster, but also get you playing stronger, increase quickness, prevent injury and give you a better looking body overall.

    Increase Strength, Power and Performance and Synergistically Sky Rocket your Vertical Leap to get you Slam Dunking higher and faster and Physically Dominate the Court and your Opponents!
    Gain Muscle, Lose Fat, and Get Leaner! 
    Create a Better Looking Body and Eliminate Weaknesses. 
    Includes Strength Training Tips even if you don't like weights. 

    Sample Programs for Upper Body, Lower Body, and Injury Prevention, You can follow Step by Step to get results! 

    Injury Prevention Secrets of Pro Trainers, Knees, Back etc. to help you be 100% healthy all year. Includes The Little Known Secret used by the Lakers to prevent ankle and finger injuries before they happen, even when you land wrong -Worth the price of the course alone! 

    Discover this common household item I discovered myself that's a "miracle worker" on strengthening your ankles. 

     Find out how Strong Abs are one key to jumping higher, balance and injury prevention, and how sit-ups are good, but these exercises are better. Learn why the order of the abdominal exercises is all important.  This section also makes your abs look great! 

    Learn Two Easy Cures and Preventions of Shin Splints. 

    Special nutritional Tips on Diet, Creatine, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, the Best Proteins, Amino Acids, Glutamine, etc. 

    This Info Can not only Improve your Vertical Leap and help you Play Better in any Sport, but give you Better Fitter Body For Life! 

strength training shoes jump higher-verticle leap-Mind Book

Bonus #2: How to Totally Psyche Out Your Opponents and Super Charge Your Own Mind with...

"Winning The Head Game" 

(Valued at $17.95)

In the second bonus eBook, “Winning The Head Game- Sports Psyching and Mental Preparation Guide” you learn sports psychology techniques used by Phil Jackson of the Lakers as well as many top college and pro sports teams psychologists to become a winner of the Mind Game.  This is not  Zen, chanting or hocus pocus that you may have heard about. These are proven confidence and success techniques. 

    Killer Confidence Producing Mental Toughness Tactics!
    Have you ever choked under pressure or missed the easy shot or wide open slam dunk? The solution are these easy to learn Relaxation Response techniques that will help you play better, become more relaxed and confident, and even help you in every sport, and every area of your life. 
    Do Fears Hold You Back?  Learn methods to overcome and turn  those fears around and use them to your own advantage! 
    Head Games – How to Avoid Being Psyched Out, the Top 3 Methods. You can even use these to "psyche out" your opponents.

    Also Cybernetics, Creative Visualization, Imagery, Mental Prep, and Goal setting. You may have read about similar techniques in Michael Jordan’s For The Love of the Game. "I play the game over and over in my mind." His book doesn't explain how to do it, our does! 

    How to unleash the hidden power in your brain like the pros do, to make playing your sport easier and more fun. Everybody has this ability whether their IQ is 50 or 150. 

    This stuff will have your brain telling you "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You...  for Hooking Me Up! 

strength shoes workouts- War Book

Bonus #3: How to Declare War on your opponents and wipe them out before they even step on the field or court using... 

"The Art of War"

(Valued at $10.95)

In the third bonus eBook “The Art of War” The All Time Strategy Classic” by Sun Tzu is a must read for any player or businessman. A 2500-year-old book on strategy and tactics, it’s the oldest book on strategy ever written. It has been used by most of the best Generals throughout history. Japanese businesses in the 70s and 80s used these tactics as their Bible to take on U.S. industry. Required reading in Harvard Business School, it gives you the "strategy advantage" by taking you from competing on "deadly ground" to competing on "heavy ground." This information will be invaluable to you in athletic competition, career and the world of business.  A must read for any player, and a great companion to Weight Vests

Bonus #4Inner Circle Benefits - money saving discounts on jumping, basketball and fitness products that I arrange exclusively for "Insiders" only!
Bonus #5 $10.00 Off the Jumping Advantage™ package,  the worlds #1 vertical leap improvement system which includes theAdvanced Complex Program™ for Weight Vests®. Preview at www.jumpingadvantage.com You may also add this onto your order now for $10.00. 

Bonus #6   $75.00 Off Personal Coaching- Receive $75 off coupon for my $150/hour Personal Coaching by phone. Your own personal coach is as close as a phone call away.

Bonus #7Added Surprise Bonus - A super surprise bonus 4th eBook that will supercharge your mental abilities on and off the court. This real short read is so amazingly powerful that I've had pro ball players call me to thank me!  I'm not going to say anything more because I want it to be a surprise!

The value of the 4 bonus eBooks alone is $50.00. But when you order by midnight tonight, you get the newest and best Weight Vests or Shorts,  FREE SHIPPING, the  4 Bonus eBooks, and $75 off Personal Coaching,   for only the price of the Vest, Shorts or Both. And there is nothing else to buy. So don't lose out, order now! 

Here’s How It Works...Just Click Here Now to Order . You can use a credit card, personal check or money order. Indicate your Vest or Shorts size and we'll ship your Weight Vests, shorts or Combo and email you your bonus eBooks. It's as simple as that! 

Here's a recap of what you get:  Weight Vests, Shorts or Both Free Shipping, 4 Bonus eBooks + $75.00 off Personal Coaching = for Only the price of the Vest, Shorts or Both. 

There is a difference so Click Here Now to Order  and make sure you are getting the newest and best  Weight Vests or Shorts and free bonuses!  You will save money, get the best Weight Vests or Shorts, and get good fast customer service and free shipping and bonuses! Isn't that fair enough? 

Good luck!


Eric Moyer

P.S. I've been helping athletes jump higher, increase their vertical leap and gain quickness for the past 15 years.  As the author of the www.jumpingadvantage.com programs for basketball improvement (and the bonus eBooks) I definitely recommend Weight Vests and Shorts for any athlete who wants to improve their athletic performance!

P.S.S. We have a full time staff dedicated to customer service and order entry, and always process orders promptly.

P.S.S.S. If you have any questions about sizes, shipping, payment, please feel free to email me EricMoyer@JumpingAdvantage.com for details. 

P.S.S.S.S To learn more about the www.JumpingAdvantage.com Advanced Complex program for Strength Shoes go to Strength Shoes Links

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