Run N Chute Running Power Parachute

Running with the Strength Shoes and the Run N Chute Running Power Parachute is the "Ultimate Exercise to Run Faster!

"Run N Chute is the best resistance running instrument for speed development. The Run N Chute will help you develop a faster start, and also improves the running mechanics that are necessary in running faster." "Dr. E.J. "Doc" Crease UCLA Strength Coach

Run with the Strength Shoes on while dragging the Run-N-Chute to give yourself the most effective running speed workout ever! Can be combined with Strength Shoes or used on it's own to add resistence to running drills. Includes 27 page manual complete with instructions and sample workouts authored by UCLA Strength Coach "Dr. E.J. "Doc" Crease.

You'll get a faster start and enhance your explosive speed & sprinting power with the Run-N-Chute, the World's Best No-Tangle Aerodynamic Speed-Strength Training Device. The Run-N-Chute is ideal for the athlete who wants to gain that competitive edge. During training, the Run-N-Chute produces drag which increases with speed. The faster an athlete moves, the more drag it produces. The Run-N-Chute includes: One Run-N-Chute, a webbed belt w/ quick release buckle and a training manual.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, 90 Day Warranty. $54.97

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